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Html and Css   

Ø RDBMS overview
Ø Introduction to Mysql Database
·    What is a Database?
·    Why Use a Database?
·    Helpful Tool – phpMyAdmin.
Ø Creating Your First Database
Ø Mysql   localhost

Ø Database Creation
·    DDL
·    DML
·    DRL
Ø Mysql data types
Ø MySQL Tables
Ø Create Table MySQL
·    Foreign key
Ø MySQL Insert
·    Inserting Data Into Your Table

MySQL Query
Ø Usage Query WHERE With Wildcard
Ø Sorting a MySQL Query - ORDER BY
Ø Like operator in mysql
Ø Update
Ø Delete
Ø MySQL GROUP BY - Aggregate Functions
·    COUNT
·    SUM
·    AVG
·    MIN
·    MAX
Ø MySQL – Formats
·    Time – Formats
Ø Index on tables

Ø MySQL Join Table Setup
Ø Views
Ø Cursors
Ø Functions
Ø Mysql stored procedures
Ø Triggers



Ø Introduction to PHP  
Ø PHP Script  
Ø Operators
§ Arithmetic operators
§ Assignment operators
§ Comparison operators
§ Logical operators
Ø Conditional and Looping
§ If and else statements
§ Switch Statements
§ While
§ Do..while
§ For
§ Foreach
Ø Functions 
§ Passing Parameters to Functions
§ Functions within Functions
§ Pass by references
§ Scope of the Variables
Ø Classes and Objects 
§ What is a class
§ What is a objects
§ Extends
§ The Keyword Final  
§ abstract classes
§ Interfaces
§ Exceptions

Ø Working with Forms
§ Creating Forms
§ Post and Get Operations
§ Creating Cookie
Ø Advanced PHP Topics 
§ Require
§ Include
§ Constructor
§ Destructors
§ Patterns
§ Magic Methods
Web servers-OVERVIEW
Java script
Class   project


CMS ::
Joomla, Drupal, Magento.. etc..

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