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What is Multimedia ?


Multimedia means, Combination of Medias , what we are using in our daily activities.
Everybody without knowledge also we are using Medias. Multimedia is a part of every one life..

Medias are :

Print Media
Internet / Web Media

Television Media

Film Media

Gaming Media

Mobile Media

In every Media they need skilled people to work on that medias for getting relevant outputs ...

Choose Your Medias to work and getting skills...

Who have more skills, they lead the Medias..


Who is eligble for learning the Multimedia Courses ?


Depending on Choosen Medias.

Minimum qualification is 10th is good , Maximum Post Graduate(10th, Inter, Degree, PG, B.tech, MCA, M.Tech ... )

Every one is eligible for the Multimedia courses, the qualification is no bar for doing the courses..

But having Degree is good for some Media Jobs..

No Age Limit for learning this courses..


What is the Timings for Learning Multimedia Courses.. and How it will be ?


Daily Class Room Training ( or )
Daily Online Training (Live Classes, Just like Class room )
Monday to Friday 1 hr Class , Practice 2 hrs or  Your wish...

Weekends Classs - Saturday and Sunday - 2hrs per day.

Weekends Classs -Sunday Only - 3 to 4 hrs per day.


Individual importance, Choose Your Desired Class timings by consulting Smart ..


What is Good Future Course in Multimedia Courses ?


Many students asking what is good future course... Multimedia is Every Green ... Choose Your suitable and Dreamed Media to work on it ... Media people love to work on their fields..

Where can I get Placements after Completion of My Multimedia Courses..?


Multimedia Students after completion of Their courses , They Can get placements in their choosen Medias..


If they are in Print Media : They Can get placements in Print media Related companies...


Please contact for more related information, face to face getting clear idea with visual examples..



If I am not Practicing well in Multimedia Courses, Can I get Placements in Companies ?


Multimedia Courses need more practice with practical examples, with best Faculty classes, guidance and support.. If the student not practicing well, they may be get a chance depending on companies requirments...


How much Salary I can get after completion of my Multimedia Courses..?


Depending on Choosen Medias standards..

Minimu Salary Offering to Smart Multimedia Students.

Fresh Students by different Companies : 8,000/-   to 20,000/-  Per Month

( Salary is depending on Skills and Experience)
More Skills, more experience getting more salary...


In Multimedia Jobs Salary increments will be every 3 months or 6 Months or 9 Months or every Year .


The increament is depending on Companies...
We heared , increaments will be 5,000/- to 20,000/- per year.
Depending on skills and experience..


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