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PHP & MSQL , Ajax etc.,

Data Flow, Scripting vs. Viewing, Absolute BasicsCollapse Embedding PHP within HTML, Variables, Operators, More Complex Operators, Introducing Conditionals: 'If' and Conditional Operators , Logical Operators, Using 'Else' and 'Elseif, Multiple Choices: 'Switchcasebreak' Loops and Control StructuresCollapse, Repetition: The 'For' Loop, 'While' and 'Do..While' Loops, Get Me Out Of Here! 'Break' and 'Exit' DataCollapse, Introduction to Arrays Referencing and Sorting Arrays, Joining Arrays, Replacing Text Within Strings

Mysql :

Querying A DatabaseCollapse, Our Sample MySQL Database, Connecting to the Database.
Retrieving Data, Interacting With The UserCollapse, A Simple HTML Form Validating User Input, An HTML Form For User Feedback, Validating an Email Address Coding Techniques, A Simple Login System,Real time projects works.



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